Monday, November 23, 2015

Chuckwagon 8 AGM

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

At Charles Rummel

2015 has been one of ups and downs. The ups are that we are still surviving, the downs that numbers and income have dropped making it necessary to discontinue the Plus level of the Club.

We were unable to offer a bowling / pizza or a Pub night. The bowling night was dropped because no one stepped forward to take it on and the Pub night not offered because of Legion management changes and costs. Such is progress.

We  did have two enjoyable Burn's night with Larry Gillott piping us to glory.

In 2015 we managed to operate without a president couple. Yours truly and boss Elaine, two harmless snooks, acted as fill ins. We survived.

Vice President couple Brian and Gerry Catteral were commendable workers making sure the Halls were booked and Gerry did her usual magic with the Club roister.

We were well served by the flying fingers of Keren Carter, taking care that one was not directed our way. Minutes were kept so that second guessing was not needed.  

Don and Diane Allen were bookies par nun and Club finances, while dwindling, were accurately kept. We now hope to make the future position of Treasurer easier by adopting a much simpler format. We no longer need a complicated accounting agenda because while effective, the one we have now was meant to serve the Club in the past when we had many different levels.

Thanks are extended to Darlene Maxwell who served us as Fraser Valley rep. attending meetings and keeping us up to date on Fraser Valley Square Dance affairs. Teamed up Elaine, she made sure Club activities were well reported in the Valley Circle.

At the Plus level we were without elected representation but Club needs were taken care of behind scenes by Dave and Jenny Knee who acted as contacts. Take a bow you two and thanks.

At the A2 level we were most fortunate to have the talents of Jack and Yvonne Power. These Power's that be were very efficient, hardworking and competent. The Chuckwagon's are fortunate to have them as members. We will do well Re-membering them for future Executive positions.

Behind all of us are the Koll's. They open their home, larder and storage facilities for Club usage. They make sure supplies are available for member enjoyment. We definitely benefit and are glad they live here and not in Newcastle.

Our thanks go to the Brisebois for doing an excellent job with Ads. We are losing them with the Plus level.

We continued to be well served with the talents of Ray, Brent and Alison. All of them created dance challenges both physical and mental. For some of us the mental challenge was the more obvious one. We are sorry to be losing Brent's talent.

In the past we have offered a Toys for Tots dance in order to raise funds and gifts for Burnaby's Christmas Bureau. This year we are unable to do so. No one stepped forward to take the places that Elaine and I have done for the last several years. I am unable to participate because of eye surgery in that time frame. Ray has generously offered his talents on December 11. For a $2 entrance and a gift we can still contribute. For the rest of us who are unable to attend there is nothing to stop us from giving Ray an unwrapped object or a financial contribution. It is a worthwhile cause. Need further details? Contact Ray and Christine -  604 294 1429.

The decision to split the Club was not an easy one. We wish those at the Plus level bon voyage and hope to see you back dancing A.

On behalf of the outgoing Executive we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2016.

Barry and Elaine Bentley
acting President couple 2015.


Dianne  and I attended the CW8 AGM last night.

The new executive  for the CW8's will be

President: Brian Catterall (former VP)
Vice President:  No Candidate
Secretary: Barry Bentley
Treasurer: Dan Carter
FVSRDA Rep: Elaine Bentley
Social Conveners: Bert and Marilyn Koll

A2 Coordinate: No Candidate

Brian asked me what arrangement had been made for paying the rent for the BLP.
I was not able to answer the question.

Barry gave a summary of the year and thanked Dave and Jenny for the work as the
Plus contact.  He sent his report in a separate E-Mail


Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Train Dance 2015

We had our Train Dance in October this year. Here are the pictures.

See you on the dance floor

Thursday, August 27, 2015



Start up dates are September 9th for A2 and September 10th for Plus. We welcome returnees and look forward to meeting old pals and gals once again.

You may have heard that effective January 1, 2016 the Chuckwagon's will no longer be able to offer the Plus level of dancing. Declining enrolment and funds have dictated this be done. At our August Executive meeting, following precedent established by past Executives of discontinuing levels, this decision was made. It was not made lightly.

For a number of years  A2 and the Club have been subsidizing Plus. This has not been a problem but now has become one. This past January to May period of dancing has been such that the Club has had to pick up financial losses at both levels. To continue at the present rate would mean money would be depleted in approximately three years. To give you an idea of dwindling numbers - at the A2 level alone we had 128 members listed on the Club roister in 2009, 119 in 2011 and 93 in 2014. Projecting ahead we know of long time members who will not be returning this year for various reasons and the resulting money loss problem this will cause.

At this Executive meeting it was also voted to increase nightly fees from $6 to $7 to be in line with other Clubs and no longer offer the Discounted Package deal. 

This is not the end of the Chuckwagon world. The Club will continue to exist and those at the Plus level who join will be able to do so for the compulsory insurance even though as of January no Plus dancing will be offered. In addition, the four months remaining in 2015 will allow individuals to explore available options. 

From dealing with Plus members on the Executive and the dance floor I can categorically state they are a talented and resourceful group and who knows what they can improvise for the future?

Barry & Elaine Bentley
Past Presidents acting President couple.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter at plus

The lovely and talented Debra has created a slideshow from our Easter dance. Here you go.

See you on the dance floor,

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Chuckwagon 8's Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 20, 2014
At Burnaby Lake Pavilion

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome!

Once again Elaine and I have been pleased to work with a very competent and talented Executive. They have made this year a good one for the Club. Kudos are extended to:

Vice President couple Brain and Gerry Catterall - bookies par none. They have  seen to it that Club dates have been set for both levels and if need be extension of times for special Club events. Gerry is also the guiding hand behind our Club roister, something she has done for years.

Treasurers Don and Diane Allan have seen to it that the buck stops here. We are in good financial hands.

Secretary couple Keren and Dan Carter have spent hours seeing that the minutes have been as correct as possible without second guesses having to take place. It was a pleasure watching Keren's flying fingers while Dan provided comic relief.

Jack and Yvonne are the Power driving our A2 evenings. Jack does a great job finding stories to share.

Plus Co-ordinators Chuck Sheehan and Daphne Green are number one in Club events and their generosity is unstinting.

Second to none are their partners Dave and Jenny Knee. They deserve a bow as well for all they have done.

Continuing Social Conveners Bert and Marilyn Koll store not only Club decorations but do an excellent job making sure our food supply is stored for our stomachs pleasure. Another generosity they offer is their home for meeting purposes for which we thank them.

Past President couple Bob and Barb Brisebois are from Burnaby and all those B's should instead be an A for the quality of Ad work they put into the Valley Circle.

We continue to be well served through the talents of Ray, Brent and Alison. All of them create challenges for dancers both  physically and mentally. For some of us being mentally challenged is the more obvious one. All the while they correct dancer moves while denying any errors on their part.

As to the Club itself we are doing well. Financially we remain in the black and through extra ordinary efforts by the Plus Coordinating team Plus has come close to achieving a cost / expense balance. This is most impressive considering the times we live in. Extra kudos are given to that hard working team. Fun wise in 2014 we have enjoyed several special dance evenings, excellent Robbie Burns nights highlighted by the piping of Larry Gillott, another great Bowling / Pizza outting organized by Doug and Susan Hopkins and yet another successful Pub Night. Many others quietly work behind the scene, putting up decorations, bringing goodies, etc. All help to keep the Chuckwagon wheels turning for which we extend our thanks.

As you know we were unable to offer a Toys for Tots dance last year because of hall problems. In spite of this Elaine and I were able to deliver over $1000 worth of donations as well as the Club's continuing gift of $500 cash raised through our 50 / 50 draws. This year we have the go ahead for December 6th. This non profit charity dance we have hosted over the years adds much to the Burnaby Xmas Bureau and allows us to give something back to the Community. Callers and cures donate their time to make a memorable evening. This year we will hold our twenty-second dance. The modest cost of $5 per dancer is offset by the request for gifts for the needy. 

To give you an idea of how wonderful this dance can be, a repeating benefactor started this years drive with a $1000 cheque designated for toy or teen purchases only.  May I remind you that while it is mainly for the younger ones we do want you to consider the teen population as well in who you buy for. We also ask Chuckwagon members to bring a wrapped, unused something or other so that we may give to dance participants a gift as well on the dance night itself. 

This year, 2014, the Club celebrated its 45th Anniversary, a major accomplishment. Presentations from the Fraser Valley and other Square Dance organizations paid tribute to the Chuckwagon's. We look forward to our 50th and given how we are going this is a goal that is within our reach. 

On behalf of the outgoing Executive we wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2015.

Barry and Elaine Bentley
President couple 2013 - 2014

Mea culpa

In the AGM report I had sent to members about the Executive it was brought to my attention by Phil and Kathleen that their efforts were not mentioned. This is, of course, Elaine's fault as she failed to catch this omission in her proof reading.

Because we do not wish the Summers to go through a winter of discontent we want it to be known that we considered Phil and Kathleen the 'write' people at the right time. They did a first rate reporting of people and events in the Valley Circle and the behind scenes of the Fraser Valley. Their presence, like my oversight, shall be missed.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Art Goyer

With great sorrow, we received a phone call this afternoon from Merle that our good friend Art Goyer passed away this morning.

Art and Merle have been fun-loving members of the Chuckwagon 8’s for many long years who loved their square dancing. Art was treasurer of the club for many years.

Art had a great sense of humor and always made you laugh many times a night. He will surely be missed.

The funeral is November 29, 2014, at Our Lady of Sorrow Parish, Vancouver, 555 Slocan St at 10 am.

Please check the address if you are going.

Saturday would have been Art’s 75th birthday

Chuck Jordan (via email)
Monday November 24, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Train Dance 2014

We had fun at our annual train dance last Thursday. The lovely and talented Debra Colvin took pictures and created a marvelous slide show for us. Check it out!

See you on the dance floor,

Monday, November 03, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had a great Halloween party with visits from the Royal Swingers, Stardowners, Singles, and many more.
Here are pictures.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Hollywood is visiting C8's Plus

On Thursday, October 23rd, a film crew will be shooting for Once Upon a Time on Roberts Street. That is the short street that runs from Sperling in to the parking lot of Burnaby Lake Pavilion. They are working with the City of Burnaby on this and we are accommodating them. They plan to be there from four to midnight.

When you arrive on Sperling, near the sports fields, you will be directed to a parking lot by the film crew. You will then board a shuttle bus and they will drive us in to the hall parking lot in a break of the filming.

The bus is planned to leave for the hall at 7:00 (for those setting up for the dance) and again at 7:25 (for the dancers). Please arrive on time to get on one of those trips. Latecomers and those who arrive without advance knowledge of the event will be bussed in, but may have to wait for a break in the filming for the bus to go through. No private cars will be allowed on Roberts Street.

They will have the bus for us to leave just after 10 PM, and take us back to the cars. Please plan to stay to the end of the night if you come out on this Thursday. We have no special arrangements for early bus trips out. They will take care of us if there is an emergency.

See you on the dance floor

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Speech presented by Barry Bentley, President, at the 45th Anniversary

The Chuckwagon's originated from a combining of the Wooden Wheels and the Centwirlers in September, 1969. Chuck Jordan initially took on the duties of calling for the newly formed Club.

Over the years the Club evolved to one of the largest, if not the largest in Canada with 450 or more members. We were almost able to put on our own parade during the summer Penticton Festival. We included in our agenda levels ranging from Beginners, Mainstream, Plus, A Teach, A2, Rounds and even Line Dancing. We square danced four nights a week in different halls. This was quite the accomplishment in its day and age. Our Executive used to overflow Pauline Schmidt's home which she, like the Koll's do today, graciously offered for meetings. You had to be careful because the numbers needed for each level required space. It got to the point where the only seat left if you arrived too late was the one in Pauline's ensuite. Meetings would sometimes last far into the night in order to cover the agenda. Under leaders such as Sid Gray who among other things kick started things by having a garage sale to raise needed funds, we thrived. He, along with other talents saw to it we were managed well.

And, wow! the performing talents we were able to draw under the Club's umbrella is most impressive! We were able to attract callers and cuers par none at the time even as we do now. Chuck and Marguerite, Jean and Ted Lewis, Anita and Dan Adams, Claude and Shirley Robson, Lee and Kay Mitchener, Aaron Brawn, Brian and Darlene Penny, Marg Beatty and sidekick Tom, Alison and Scott Hampton, Al Maertz, Brent Mawdsley and the recent birthday boy, Ray Brendzy are included. On an ad hoc basis Krista Ferguson graces our halls. In the roll call of ability it doesn't get much better.

The special events offered by the Club over the years is impressive. In the forty five years of its existence we offered Oktoberfests, International Nights, New Years Eves, Anniversary Dances to celebrate our 10th, 20th, 25th, 40th, harbour tours, and mystery bus trips so mysterious we sometimes got lost. When called upon we took part in parades to promote our Square Dance movement. Special outside callers such as Ken Bower, Gary Shoemake, Eldon Slade, Marv Lindner, Cal Golden, Jerry Jestin and others have been brought in for dancer enjoyment. Our ongoing Toys for Tots has raised well over $50,000 in toys and cash which benefits the Community. Giving happiness can make happiness.

The Chuckwagon's have not ignored the civilian scene as well. There have been bowling nights, pub nights, picnics and golf outings. In total we have provided ways and means to make fools of ourselves and enjoy life in many different ways. The opportunities to leave mistakes on the dance floor and carry on in this world have been there to take or leave.

Forty five years of thanks are extended for your being here tonight. We are glad to see you and hope you enjoy your Chuckwagon evening.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Chuckwagon 8's 45th Anniversary

We had a lovely time at Plus celebrating the club's 45th.

Several visitors from our past came out and we received presentations from the Canadian Society, Provincial, and Fraser Valley representatives.

Brent once again did a fine job of calling, as did Krista cueing rounds for us. Congratulations to Chuck Jordan on his 50 years of calling.

Here are pictures. And more pictures. Send me links if you have more, especially of A2 pictures.

See you on the dance floor

Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome Pirates from Afar!

We are very pleased to hear that the Fogcutters are caravaning in to our pirate dance. I have been reminded that US GPS sometimes do not work in Canada, so here are some more specific directions. via google maps.

As text it runs

  1. I5 north to the border at Peace Arch
  2. 99 north go 9.5 miles
  3. exit 16 to Highway 91 north go 7 miles
  4. you will cross a big bridge, Alex Fraser Bridge
  5. the road will split, keep to the right for New Westminster
  6. you will cross a smaller bridge, Queensbourough Bridge and the highway turns into city streets
  7. take the second right exit to New Westminster/20th street/6th Ave
  8. left on Twentieth St (light) up the steep hill
  9. follow the road it becomes Griffiths Drive and curves around
  10. right onto Edmonds St (light)
  11. follow Edmonds, it curves a bit and crosses Kingsway
  12. left onto Canada Way (light) go 1.7 miles
  13. right onto Kensington (light)
  14. pass the freeway ramps, stay on the road
  15. right onto Sprott St
  16. go to the end and turn right on Sperling Ave
  17. turn left onto Roberts and drive to the parking lot at the end
See you on the dance floor Arrrrh!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Ahoy Matey!

Yes, International Talk Like a Pirate day is almost upon us. We are holding our TLAP dance on September 18th at Burnaby Lake Pavilion.
The dance starts at 7:30 and yes, we dance Plus.
We hear noises in the scuppers that some out of town sea dogs might be planning to board the ship. If your GPS won't take the address, 6871 Roberts Street, Burnaby, BC , then put in the intersection of Sprott St and Sperling Ave in Burnaby BC. When you get there, turn right onto Sperling then left on Roberts and go to the end. The hall is at the far end of the parking lot.
See you on the dance floor

Thursday, August 07, 2014

TLAPD and Penticton

Here we are in Penticton having a lovely time. The weather is fine and there is no smoke in the air this year.

The club has decided to have a Talk Like a Pirate dance again this year. Mark your calendar now for Thursday September 18th, when the good ship C8 sails from Burnaby Lake Pavilion for parts unknown under captain No beard Mawdsley.

The snorkeling group has grown again. We now have four regular victims at 8 AM every day. Although Jack is just splashing around, and Bill sometimes forgets to set his alarm. The water has been really nice. It was nearly flat calm the last two mornings.

Later this summer we are looking forward to Cle Elum and the Circle 8 ranch. It sounds like we have more than a square of locals going. And we know many of the regulars too. Brent is calling with Scott Coon on the weekend before Labour Day, and Ray is there as usual on the Labour Day long weekend.

See you on the dance floor!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Visit at the Swinging Singles Tea Party

We had a great time visiting the Swinging Singles at their Tea Garden Party! We got our banner back too. It was a lovely, well organized dance. Ten squares or more on the floor. They came through with silver tea services and more toy sandwiches than we could eat. Brent kept the floor moving, as usual, and Heather did some lovely rounds.

We look forward to visiting the Royal Swingers soon, and all the other spring dances coming up so fast.

See you on the dance floor,


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mystery dance date change

We had to move the Mystery dance as Brent is no longer available for April 10th.
The Mystery dance with Brent will now be on April 3rd.
The extra rounds with Krista remains on April 10th.
See you on the dance floor,

Saturday, March 08, 2014


Lots of fun was had at bowling. Here are the pictures

Friday, January 17, 2014

Service for Jean Baird

We are sorry to hear of the passing of Jean Baird.

The service will be Friday, January 24th at 2pm

Burkeview Chapel

1340 Dominion Avenue, PoCo

If anyone would like to say a few words at the service please contact Alison Hampton.


Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Last minute change - Second Thusrday slips to fourth!

Due to a scheduling conflict, Krista is unable to cue for us this Thursday January 9th. So she will be coming to cue extra rounds at our Burn's Day dance on January 23rd instead. We have a flyer as well.

Please announce the change at all dances this week.

See you on the dance floor,

Friday, December 13, 2013

Second Thursday American Style

We are offering something special for the new year at the Plus level. The second Thursday of each month, Krista Ferguson will come and cue American Style rounds for us. Between each square dance tip, there will be two rounds. One will be phase II and the other phase III.

So if you like to chacha or rumba, foxtrot or waltse, come visit us at Burnaby Lake Pavilion.

We hit the ground running on January 9th which is also our startup.
In February it falls on the 13th, which is also our Valentines dance. Brent will be singing love songs...
In March, Krista comes out on the 13th as well. This will be our St Patricks dance.
And the last one for this season will be April 10th.

It's going to be fun.

See you on the dance floor,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Status of Charles Rummel Hall

From City of Burnaby today ...

Charles Rummel Centre will be partially re-opened on Dec 16, 2013. At this time, only the main hall and the regular washrooms will be accessible. All the other areas including kitchen, small community room and the adjacent disabled washrooms, the hallway between the parking lot and the disabled washrooms will still be closed.
The doors to these areas will be locked and a signage will be posted on the door reminding the users not to access.

Most probably when your group return to Charles Rummel Centre next year in January, the centre will be fully opened to users.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Saturday, December 07, 2013

AGM - President's address

Chuckwagon 8's Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

At Bonsor

Good evening Ladies and Gents and welcome!

The present Executive has been an excellent group to work with. Conscientious and reliable they have made this year a good one for the Club. Kudos need to be extended to:

Chuck Sheehan & Daphne Green as Vice President couple. Phone, e-mail, send a dog team with info needed and an answer came back on any question.

Debra & Paul Colvin, Secretary couple. It was a pleasure watching Debra's flying fingers. No matter who spoke the speaker had a hard time keeping up to her and the excellent minutes that resulted.

Don & Dianne Allan, as Treasurer couple are indeed a treasure for the Club.

Barry & Carol Scott as A2 Co-ordinators were humorous, friendly, and thoughtful. Of course Barry's initials of B.S. may have added to their announcement skills.

Plus Co-ordinators Susan and Doug Hopkins are to be commended and you may recall that Doug did an excellent job of running the Club's Bowling and Pizza Night.

The Knee's, Dave and Jenny were the other half of Plus Co-ordinators. Amongst other things this was the couple that arranged an excellent Chuckwagon turnout to a Surrey Square Wheeler visitation. It turned out to a banner evening with 23 of us showing up.

Bert & Marilyn Koll as Social Convenors have opened their home for meetings and Club decorations. Napoleon stated an army moves on its stomach and they have seen to it that our square dance stomachs are well taken care of.

Darlene Maxwell as Fraser Valley Rep did the 'write' thing by stepping up to the Club Chatter plate when Marguerite Jordan experienced health issues. She attended a Fraser Valley meeting and gave an excellent report.

Our Past President couple, Bob and Barb Brisebois from Burnaby are a definite 'Ad' addition. Their work shows up in the Valley Circle extolling Club activities and is well above the B level their name and location suggests.

We continue to be well served by the talents of Ray, Brent and Alison. All of them create challenges both mental and physical. Now I am not suggesting we are mentally challenged, it just seems so at times and they do an excellent job of correcting occasional dance moves at the same time denying any error on their part.

As to the Club itself, we're doing okay. Financially we are in the black. Fun wise in 2013 we have enjoyed several special dances, a piper, Larry Gillott, who piped in Robbie Burns night, our Bowling / Pizza soiree, a financially successful Pub NIght, and another form of club enjoyment with the Golf tournament organized by George and Katie Bruschinsky. These are just a few highlights.

Behind the scenes there are those who keep the Chuckwagon wheels turning. At the A2 level the Powers, Jack and Yvonne have volunteered for kitchen duty as well as covering for the Scott's. They replaced Ginette Grenier who did the kitchen for three years. My wife Elaine, beyond her official duties, the Newey's, Bernice and Andrew, the Gillott's, Diane and Larry continue to offer their considerable talents for special events. And all one has to do is attend Brent's excellent special Plus nights to enjoy the contributions both goodie and decoration wise that Dave and Jenny Knee, Susan and Doug Hopkins and the Chuck Sheehan / Daphne Green team do. The list could go on. If you are one of the unsung like those who contribute to our Pub night success doesn't mean you are not appreciated. The Club benefits.

On December 7 of this year the Chuckwagon's would have done its twenty-second Toys for Toddlers charitable dance. Money and toys raised by this dance through those attending and a $500 Club contribution have in the past gone to the needy in Burnaby. Even though Toddlers are mentioned, teen needs are met as well. I just received a letter from Burnaby explaining continued support would be most appreciated. Unfortunately this year as you know, hall problems forced cancellation of this dance. However, beyond the Club's gift a continuing benefactor gave another $500 for purchases and some of us who had already bought toys will have them taken to the Burnaby Christmas Bureau, so all is not lost. We are still able to put something back into the community.

I would be remiss not to mention that to some members, numbers are of concern, particularly at the Plus level. How can the Club continue to exist with financial and membership drain? This is a matter that the Executive must address. At the moment money is not an issue. I am looking forward to dealing with another talented group of individuals to come up with solutions to this and other questions.

Barry Bentley

Train dance pictures and update

We took pictures at the Train Dance. A bit late putting them up (sorry Marilyn) but better late than never.

On the Charles Rummel side there is little news yet. Our Burnaby contact indicates the hall is scheduled for reopening on Dec 16th still. We expect an update from the repair crew some time next week.

Watch this space for other exciting news from the Plus group!

See you on the dance floor


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh No! Charles Rummel hall is a mess.

Burnaby has advised us that the water damage at Charles Rummel hall is much greater than originally thought. The hall will be closed for repairs until at least December 15th.

This interferes with four dance nights for us, three Wednesdays for A2 and the Toys for Tots dance.

On Wednesday the A2 group will dance at Bonsor Recreation Complex, in the multipurpose rooms 1 and 2 on the second floor. The building is at 6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby. This is just east of the Metrotown shopping complex. There is a large surface parking lot. Go in the east side main entrance, up the stairs or elevator, and the rooms are on the right. The rooms are really one large(ish) room with a folding divider.

The dance times are
8:00 to 10:00 PM Wed Nov 27th (normal start time was not available)
7:30 to 10:00 PM Wed Dec 4th ( AGM at 8:30)
7:30 to 10:00 PM Wed Dec 11th

We are sorry to have to announce that the 2013 Toys for Tots dance is CANCELED.

We will still accept toys and deliver them to the Burnaby Christmas Bureau. The Chuckwagon 8 coordinators will accept them for delivery. Or you can drop them off yourself at the Burnaby Christmas Bureau Toy Room, 7252 Kingsway. If you have already contributed a door prize, please let us know if you want it returned or given as a door prize at some other dance.

See you on the dance floor,

Updated Nov 24: AGM schedule, toys.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A2 dance canceled Nov 20

Burnaby has closed Charles Rummel hall until Dec 3, so our dance tonight is canceled.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Plus Halloween 2013

We had three squares and a few visitors for our Halloween dance. Pictures here

See you on the dance floor

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Yo Ho Ho me hearties

It's a ( we have pictures! here)

Pirate Dance


Come on down to Burnaby Lake Pavilion on Thursday September 19th for

International Talk Like a Pirate Day Dance

Have some fun, and some pirate theme treats, dress up if you like.

See you on the dance floor,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Visit to Surrey Square Wheelers

We had a wonderful time visiting Surrey last night. Boy do they know how to make you welcome! There was black and white fabric on the back wall, an arch of black and white balloons, and enough food to feed an army.

We really enjoyed Steve's calling and Alison's cuing. As you can see above, we brought two and a half squares out. Thanks for the picture Lynnette.

The hall is cosy. Like the old hall, it has a separate chatting area. Altogether a great night.

Thanks Guys!

see you on the dance floor

ps: Ice cream Thursday 25th at the end of the dance.

Monday, April 01, 2013


Something mysterious is happening ...

... Thursday April 4th at Burnaby Lake Pavillion, it's a

Mystery Dance!

Our own Brent Mawdsley will be picking the theme. You can pick one too and dress for the occasion. But can you guess which one?

See you there,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scroll of Honor for the Mawdsley's

Our own Brent and Therese Mawdsley have been awarded the Scroll of Honor for 2012.

The scroll for dancing couple has been awarded to George and Betty Langtry.


Sunday, February 03, 2013

Upcoming later this spring

We are again having the popular A2 teach this May. Come on out for five Wednesdays in May.

And over at Plus, on April 4th, we are hosting a Mystery Theme dance. See if you can guess the theme and dress accordingly. Could be anything!

See you on the dance floor